When the Dust Settled a Memoir

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Brown Books Small Press When the Dust Settled. "Tamara Littrell grew up a nomad, a product of her family's cowboy lifestyle. On the move from ranch to ranch in Montana and Wyoming with a tough-loving father and a sweet-natured mother, Tammi worked hard to earn the position of her father's right-hand man. Along the way, she learned to rope, ride, chew tobacco, shoot a gun, pick a fight, and bury her feelings deep inside. Years later, she's left with a ragtag of memories-some good, some bad, and some she's spent a lifetime trying to forget."

The author donates $1 to the Kelly Schreibeis Memorial Foundation for EVERY copy of this book that is sold. The KSMF offers financial assistance to men and women in Sheridan County, Wyoming who are battling breast cancer.

  • Paperback
  • 407 Pages
  • Autographed
  • by Tamara Littrell